Minutes of Lockton Parish Council Meetings 2017/2018.

For:    May 2017  (AGM)

          8th May 2017

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of Lockton Parish Council held on Monday May 8th 2017 at 7.30pm in Lockton Village Hall

Present: Cllrs. David Stewart, Jennifer Halmshaw, Liz Stead, Jenny Bentley & Mark Bentley. Also Maggie Farey, Sue Warriner & Sandra Culley. Clerk Jackie Edenbrow.

The Parish meeting was not required.

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.

A1705/01 Appointment of Officers

David opened the meeting & asked for nominations for Chairman for the coming year. Jennifer Halmshaw proposed David Stewart & Jenny Bentley seconded this. David accepted the position for another year. Jenny Bentley proposed that Jennifer Halmshaw remained as vice-chairman & Liz Stead seconded this. Jennifer accepted the position for another year.

A1705/02 Apologies
There were no apologies.

A1705/03 Minutes of last AGM
These were agreed & signed as a true record.

A1705/04 Accounts
The accounts & summary accounts for 2016/7 had already been emailed to Councillors & paper copies were now available. These were discussed. Jennifer commented that the Clerk’s salary did not reflect the hours worked by the Clerk. The Parish Council unanimously accepted the accounts. The accounts were signed by David Stewart & the Clerk.

A1705/05 Any other business

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Draft Minutes of the Meeting of Lockton Parish Council held on Monday May 8th 2017 at 7.30pm in Lockton Village Hall

Present: Cllrs. David Stewart, Jennifer Halmshaw, Liz Stead, Jenny Bentley & Mark Bentley. Also Maggie Farey, Sue Warriner & Sandra Culley. Clerk Jackie Edenbrow.

1705/01 Apologies

There were no apologies.

1705/02 Declaration of interests

Liz Stead declared an interest in item 1705/04/05.

1705/03 Minutes of last meeting
These were agreed & signed as a true record.

1705/04 Matters arising/ ongoing
/01 Parish Plan update – Maggie Farey attending
Maggie had been asked to attend the meeting to discuss an update to the Parish Plan which was produced in 2004. The process for producing a new plan was discussed. Maggie offered to prepare a list of possible questions for the questionnaire before the next Parish Council meeting. The Clerk will then email these to the Councillors and then a final list can be agreed at the next meeting. No funds are available this time for preparing plans but Maggie can do some of the printing at RDC. She also agreed to analyse the results. It was decided to adopt a simpler format for the revised Parish Plan so that any printing costs are kept to a minimum. The Clerk will send Ray Halmshaw the digital version of the original Parish Plan & ask if he could set this up on the website. A note will be put in the next Cryer about the update.
/02 Driveway across village green
A letter has been received from the NYMNP planning department stating that a planning application is required for the extension to wheelings but this has not yet been received. The Clerk will email NYMNP planning again.
/03 Ownership of land eg verges
This was discussed at the Thornton ward meeting which the Clerk & Jennifer & Ray Halmshaw attended. Ray has offered to look into this in more detail for the Parish Council. Jennifer was asked to pass on the Council’s thanks for this.
/04 Land down Overscar Lane
The Clerk had prepared draft agreements for both pieces of land & these had been emailed to Councillors. An amendment was suggested and the Clerk will now prepare amended agreements. These will be sent to Ami Walker at NYMNP for comment. Then the Clerk will send the agreements to Angela Carter & Amanda Thorpe.
/05 Cricket field
The Cricket club who are continuing to rent the field have removed the trees which were planted without permission. The Parish Council wish to thank them for taking action.
/06 Tour de Yorkshire
The event was enjoyed by many spectators. As well as decorations from the Parish Council, the WI & the tearoom had also made some. Unfortunately the helicopter didn’t pass over the cricket field so the decorations were not televised. Mark was thanked for organising the Parish Council decorations.
/07 Youth Hostel
The Youth Hostel now has a new manager. Jenny has spoken with him and he is prepared to keep the area tidier. Also he will ask visitors not to play in the churchyard. The Clerk has spoken to David Cockerill about repairing the wall. He will be in the village in the next day or so & will contact the Clerk to decide what needs repairing.
/08 Parish Caretaker
The Clerk has contacted the NYMNP about grants for a Parish Caretaker but did not get a reply. Maggie offered to make some enquiries.

1705/05 Correspondence

/01 NYMNP – Southern Area Parish Forum – agenda
Details noted.
/02 RDC – County Council election notices
Already on village noticeboard including a recent notice for the general election.
/03 RDC - Precept remittance advice
To file.
/04 RDC - Community teams
Jennifer, Jenny & the Clerk have already met our Community Officer, Mark Smith, when he came to visit Lockton with Maggie Farey. Mark is now our contact for all issues with RDC and is the contact for any resident. A note will be put in the next Cryer about this change at RDC.
/05 PKF Littlejohn LLP – external audit
Stephen Broadbent is currently carrying out the internal audit for the Parish Council. The Annual Return has to reach the external auditors PKF Littlejohn by June 12th. The Annual Return will need to be approved at the next Parish Council meeting so this will need to be arranged a week to a fortnight before this deadline to allow time for the Clerk to complete all the work before posting.
/06 HM Revenue & Customs – VAT refund, income tax year end
The VAT refund has now been received. The year-end tax work has been completed online for the Clerk.
/07 Community First Yorkshire - Rural Action Yorkshire new name
Rural Action Yorkshire has now merged with the North Yorkshire & York Forum. Maggie gave an overview of the additional work taken over from Coast & Vale Community Action.
/08 Coast & Vale Community Action – details of changes
This letter details the changes mentioned in item 1705/05/07.
/09 Thornton Dale Ward Meeting – minutes
These included details of the proposed ward plan which includes digital mapping of the ward including assets, community groups etc. Maggie gave more details of the plan which will be discussed in more detail at the next Thornton Ward meeting which will be held in Lockton village hall.
/10 North Yorkshire Open Studios – poster & booklet
There was already a poster in the village noticeboard so just the booklet was added.
/11 Any late post – NY Police – March stats
Details noted.
/12 Any late post – NYCC – Highways permit consultation
Details noted – for contractor work.
/13 Any late post – Clerks & Councils Direct newsletter
Details noted.

1705/06 Cheques for signing:
/01 S Hough – grass cutting - £300.00
/02 J Edenbrow – tour de Yorkshire expenses - £87.55

1705/07 Planning:

1705/08 New Business:
/01 Cemetery – hedge & roundup
The hedge round the cemetery is getting quite high. It was decided to get Steve Hough to give a quote for the work. Tony Edenbrow has offered to clear the weeds on some of the larger graves if the Council will pay for the Roundup. This was agreed.
/02 Flowers round village sign
It was decided to buy some plants again this year for around the village sign. The Clerk will arrange this.
/03 Trees near path to Valley church
A resident has reported that there are several dead trees near the path to the valley church which could fall across the path. The Clerk will look at these before the next meeting.

1705/09 Date of next meeting
The next meeting will take place on Wednesday May 31st in the village hall.

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