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 Levisham - A Study in Local History by Betty Halse

A book that illustrates the process of discovering local history from the story of the village of Levisham. Different aspects of the village's past from prehistoric times to the late 19th century are examined, seeing what it is possible to reconstruct from available sources.

Size: 24.5 x 16.5cm   156 pages

Price £8-00

Lockton - People and Places by Ruth Strong

A history of Lockton including chapters on: Before World War 1, Water, Friendly societies, The church, The three inns, Field and road names, The school and Lockton 150 years ago.

Size: 23.4x17cm  96 pages

Price £7-50


The history of water in the villages from ponds, wells, and rain water cisterns to pumped spring water and the mains water of today.

 A5   20 pages   (NB - due to storage conditions the staples are rusty)

Price £2-50

The Horseshoe Inn
The earliest record of a licencee that we have found in Levisham is 1717. The Horseshoe is mentioned in 1827. The history of the pub is illustrated with photographs and written accounts.

A5 12 pages  (NB - due to storage conditions the staples are rusty)

Price £2-00
Dundale Grange 
Dundale Grange sheep farm was developed in the 13th century. The entry for Levisham in the Domesday Book provides a background to farming in the area and its development is traced under the stewardship of Ralph de Bolbec and the Gilbertine religious order in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Illustrated with extracts of historical documents.

Size: A5 16 pages  (NB - due to storage conditions the staples are rusty)

Price £2-50
 The Mystery of the Church in the Valley

St Mary's Church lies in the valley between Lockton and Levisham and is now a "controlled ruin"  The booklet provides some history of the church from 10th century to the present  and  details of an archaeological investigation carried out by our Heritage Group.

Size: A5 27 pages   (NB - due to storage conditions the staples are rusty)

Price £2-00
John Brough's Diary (1913)

 The day to day account of the life of John Brough in 1913. Also included is an introduction describing the area he worked in and also a copy of his personal accounts showing how his 9s a week wages were spent.

Size: A4 56 pages

Price £4-00
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